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    Way to go Lillypost!

    by Erin

    This is the best gift idea. My boys are on their second yearly subscription and they absolutely love it, and we’ve never duplicated a book we already owned.

    Great quality books

    by Addi

    We love Lillypost! To start with, the books came packaged so perfectly. They were all individually wrapped for Christmas. My three-year old was so excited and had so much fun unwrapping and seeing what books she received. All four books were great quality and so fun for her age. I love that the company donates a book per box too! It’s such a great subscription to help little ones learn and explore by reading!

    one box purchased = one book donated

    by Nicole

    The books are very nicely packaged! I love that one box purchased = one book donated! As a teacher who also runs a Canadian charity, I must say bravo!

    SO fun!

    by Kelsey

    LOVE this box! The books are amazing quality and SO fun! I won’t mind reading these ones more than once, for sure! I will be asking for this for my kids for Christmas every year!

    I love this company!

    by Audrey

    I love this company! I've tried many monthly subscription boxes and this is by far my favorite! The books are individually wrapped and it was like Christmas morning for my kids (4 and 2). The books were varied and kept my kids entertained/interested for the whole story! I highly recommend them!

    Perfect birthday gift

    by Stephanie

    Was a wonderful gift for my niece's 1st yr Birthday gift. All books come wrapped. The books were of great quality. Would recommend.

    Lovely selection

    by Vicky

    My kids absolutely love receiving these wonderful books every month. The books are always such a lovely selection.

    Fun mail day

    by Chasity

    Lillypost was one of the best gifts that I've ever given my son. He enjoys walking down the street to the mailbox every day to get the mail for mom and dad. So he was ecstatic that someone sent him some mail! He loves being read to, and story time is a daily priority in our house. So to receive some mail, get to unwrap it (he said it was like Christmas!), and receive new books was a huge treat for him. I appreciated the wide variety of books that he received. My favorite to read was "This Little Explorer: a Pioneer Primer." I'm working on my master's degree in history, so I appreciated the small, history lessons on explorers on each page. The liked the illustration style, and the rhymes printed on each page helped him easily memorize information about each explorer. His favorite book was "Flip Flap Noisy Farm" because he loves puzzles and guessing games. He also really liked the brightly colored illustrations in "Sunrise, Moonrise."

    Love love love

    by Heather

    Great selection of books, subjects and illustration techniques!! I love love love this box!!!

    Great experience!

    by Alyson

    My personal experience with Lillypost was such a great experience. My three year old little boy was just thrilled to get some of his own mail delivered right to our front door. He has a love for books, so he was super excited to receive four new books this month! For me, I just love that he gets excited over books, and that makes me want to get a new Lillypost book each month. He gets to learn, explore, and be entertained all because of Lillypost. The packaging could not be any cuter, as well. The entire process was so much fun! I will be doing Lillypost again in the future!

    Fun and convenient

    by Hannah

    I love Lillypost! As a teacher and a new mom, I really appreciate getting things shipped to our door. Opening up a box full of hand wrapped board books is way more fun (and enduring!) than getting a box of diapers and wipes! All five of the books were perfect, representing a wide variety of topics, interactions like touch and feel or cutouts, and skills to build strong little readers! Plus, the little fox stickers are so cute :)


    by Nicole

    We love Lillypost! We received our first package from Lillypost a couple weeks ago and my girls were obsessed! Each book is individually wrapped, which made it so fun for my girls to open. It was like Christmas for them! It has been a couple weeks already and my girls still reach for their new books. We even brought them on vacation with us! :) Thank you Lillypost for creating such a fun product for my girls!

    Cool product!

    by Amanda

    We absolutely loved receiving our Lillypost Box! The books are now some of my daughters favorites, the packaging is adorable and my 1 year old even liked the box☺️ Thank you guys for such a cool product!

    Amazing for igniting the love of reading

    by Michele

    My kids love receiving their Lillypost box! They like how they come wrapped up like a gift and look forward to it arriving in the mail. It keeps reading fresh and interesting and I love how it works for my large family - ages ranging from 2-8 years. Thanks Lillypost!


    by Ashley

    Working with Lillypost was SO much fun. The team is so friendly, and the boxes of books were perfect fits for BOTH of our kids. They LOVED opening the wrapped packages, not to mention the wrapping paper was adorable. We will definitely be working with Lillypost again for future book orders, we LOVED them!

    Feels like Christmas morning

    by Joy

    My baby loved Lillypost from the moment she saw the wrapped books. Each was thoughtful and fantastic. Opening each beautifully wrapped book was the highlight. It was like christmas morning! Cannot wait to get our next box!

    We love Lillypost!

    by Hannah

    I love Lillypost! As a teacher and a new mom, I really appreciate getting things shipped to our door. Opening up a box full of hand wrapped board books is way more fun (and enduring!) than getting a box of diapers and wipes! All five of the books were perfect, representing a wide variety of topics, interactions like touch and feel or cutouts, and skills to build strong little readers! Plus, the little fox stickers are so cute.


    by Emily

    Love getting our little box in the mail each month. The paper they wrap their books in can be used for so many things. Great books to read, they always put in a variety of touch and feel, or educational, along with everyday cute stories!

    So amazing!!!!

    by Rachel

    I was excited to see what's books my kiddos received. Each book was beautifully wrapped in the cutest paper ever. The books were great and not just tiny books. Very impressed with what I received. Excited to see the next package! #waitingpatientlymaybe

  • Wonderful!

    by Bri

    We loved our Lillypost box! The books came wrapped in darling wrapping paper and were fun to read, too! My kids loved the whole experience (and I also love a book is donated for each box sold). :)

  • So fun!!

    by Ashley McFarland

    My daughter absolutely loved getting these in the mail!! They were all individually wrapped like little presents in the cutest wrapping paper and all such fun and unique books! Seriously such a awesome idea! I would get 10 stars if I could!

  • Delightful!

    by Laurie

    We were delighted by our Lillypost book delivery! My children enjoyed receiving a special package addressed to them and their eyes lit up further when they saw each book carefully wrapped in the most beautiful paper. We requested the board books which are perfect for our toddler and my six year old daughter enjoys reading each book to her little brother. The stories cater to this age group in both words and colorful illustrations. We were truly delighted and I highly recommend Lillypost!

  • Super fun!

    by Sina

    Both of my kids (aged 3 and 1) LOVE these boxes. Seriously my favourite piece of mail each month. The individually wrapped books make these boxes that much more special and allow us to spread out the fun in opening them up. And I love that they donate one book for each box sold. Such a wonderful company!

  • Great idea

    by Emily Wood

    Love opening this box each month! I also really like that they donate a book for each box to someone in need. Great idea for a gift!

  • Such a great gift!

    by Stephanie

    This months book box was filled with touch and feel and lift the flap books. My daughter just turned one and she LOVES these books. She wants to read them over and over again and open up all the flaps and feel everything. It has been so fun to watch her learn and remember where they are on each page. I think this is such a great gift idea.

  • LOVE

    by Rebecca

    My girls love this. The individually wrapped books are so exciting for them to open up and definitely make our bedtime reading routine more exciting! Such great stories too!!

  • Best delivery the mailman makes!

    by Sarah

    I'm loving our board book box each month - my son gets excited to open his little presents and decorate with the stickers. I love it so much I am upgrading his subscription to the picture books and getting the board books for our daughter. Always a great selection and a new discovery!

  • Blown away!

    by Philip

    I just got my very first Lillypost box today - holy cow am I blown away by the amazing quality! The fox prints were amazing, and having every book be gift wrapped made my daughter so excited to open the books. I'm just floored by how great of a subscription box this is - so glad I took the plunge and signed up for a 3-month sub right out of the gate. Cheers!

  • Our favorite subscription box by far

    by Simply Learning Kids

    Lillypost was kind enough to send a box for each of our girls. Rowan’s (18 months box) is the 5 books on the left and Rilynn’s (3 years) box is the 4 on the right. The packaging for this box was insanely detailed. Each book was wrapped in different coordinating wrapping paper and they matched the stickers/nameplates and information card. I was floored with the quality of titles they included and was pleasantly surprised that we didn’t own any of the books (that’s saying a lot, as we own a TON of books). The girls have asked for these books nonstop since they arrived, and I particularly love the Margaret Wise Brown song book and cd. I think this is an unbeatable value. I can’t believe they send so many books for only $18, not to mention that these are creative and different titles. One of our favorite boxes by far!

  • Great selection and value

    by Kallie

    I love the picture book selections we have received so far, especially Yeti and the Bird and This Book Ate My Dog from the October box. They are airways wrapped beautifully, and the bookplates are a nice extra touch!

  • Wonderful surprise

    by Veronika

    I was so excited to show the kids our first Lillypost box that came in the mail,the kids were literally squeaking with joy saying its like Christmas while unwrapping beautifully wrapped books.All books have very catching stories with beautiful illustrations and they will have special place in our bookcase forever,so happy we signed up for this! thank you!

  • Beautifully presented, quality books!

    by Tamsen

    We have been blown away by the board + picture boxes from Lillypost. They looked cool from all the images we saw, but actually receiving and opening the boxes felt like Christmas! Everything was gorgeously wrapped, the labels and stickers were a fun surprise and each book was read over and over again. We are so looking forward to unboxing next months treasures!

  • We have been nothing but completely impressed!

    by Kayla

    We got 5 individually wrapped books and Jessamyn had the best time opening them up! Also these were really good books. I have heard that sometimes with subscription boxes you mostly get obscure books nobody actually wants to read but these books were amazing and have become some of our very favorites.

  • Loved it!

    by Codi Lynn

    Lillypost individually wraps up each book inside their branded box making it feel like your child’s birthday every month when the package arrives.

  • Verdict? Lillypost is amazing!

    by Jennifer (My Subscription Addiction)

    I review a ton of children’s book subscription boxes and for the price I think this box offers the most bang for your buck. This might be their maiden shipment, but if they can keep this up, they’ll be leading the pack in no time.