Together, we have donated over $61,000 in books towards children's literacy



  • What is Lillypost?

    Lillypost is a monthly book subscription box that sends beautiful children's books and other goodies to your door! Each month, tiny fingers will eagerly open hand-wrapped packages and discover carefully curated books, a lovely little note and stickers for fun! We offer three options so you can choose the box that best suits the age of your child. Our Board Book Box is perfect for ages 0-2, our Picture Book Box is great for ages 3+, and our Mixed Book Box is for families who are looking for books at different reading levels.

  • How does Lillypost work?

    We have an amazing in-house team that has a passion for children’s books! There are so many great books out there that are undiscovered, so we bring them to you! Sign up for either a 1, 3, or 6 month subscription and receive incredible children’s books right to your door each month. We also have a gift option that is great for a baby shower gift or birthdays. At checkout, just tick "this is a gift" and choose if you want it to renew or not.

  • How many books come in a Lillypost box?

    Our Picture Book Box comes with 4 books.
    Our Board Book Box comes with 5 books.
    Our Mixed Book Box comes with 2 picture books and 2 board books.

  • How much does Lillypost cost?

    Lillypost is very affordable and the longer you subscribe the better your savings! Read about our subscription options here.

  • What can I expect in a Lillypost box?

    We love to surprise and delight! Each month, your child will unwrap beautiful new reads that are handpicked by a group of experts who have a keen eye for great kids’ product! On top of board and picture books, every once in awhile we will drop in a little extra “fun” for your child to enjoy!

  • I have children in both the board book and picture book age groups

    We have a mixed book box that are great for families for children at different reading levels! A mixed box includes 2 picture book and 2 board books to appeal to each age group.

  • What if I received a book my child already has?

    Community is a very important word to everyone here at Lillypost. If you receive a book that your child already has, we encourage you to share it with your community. Drop it off at a local charity, your child’s classroom, or even give it to your neighbour! We think this could be a great chance to interact with those around you and help make a small difference for children’s literacy.

  • If I sign up today, how do I know which month's box I will receive?

    Our boxes run from the 15th of each month to the next 15th day of the month. For example, if you sign up for a subscription on January 10, you will receive the January box that will ship out on the 20th. Alternatively, if you sign up on January 15, you will be receiving the February box when they ship out of our facility on the 20th.

  • Can I add a special note to my box?

    When you place your order you will be emailed a detailed summary of the purchase. You can then forward that email on the person whom you are sending the box to. However, if you tick "this is a gift", you have the option to enter the recipient's name and email address. When the package has shipped, we will send them a notification email letting them know a Lillypost box is on the way from you! Alternatively you can see a special gift note here that you can download to your computer. You can then personalize the note and email to the recipient or print it out and give it in person.

  • Tell me how the donation aspect of Lillypost works

    For every box purchased, Lillypost will donate one book to a child in need. Read all the details here.


  • What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept debit and credit card payment from Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also accept gift and prepaid cards that are any of the aforementioned types.

  • Why is my credit card being declined?

    There are a few things you can try before contacting us. Please double check to make sure we accept the form of payment you are trying to enter by looking at the list above the payment field in the order form. Make sure that the billing information you are entering matches the billing address connected to your credit card exactly. If you are still having trouble, contact us and we can help you out.

  • What currency will I be charged in?

    If you are shopping on you will be charged in US dollars. If you are shopping on you will be charged in Canadian dollars.

  • I didn’t receive an order confirmation for my subscription. What do I do?

    No worries! Shoot us a quick email with your email address that is linked with your Lillypost account and we’ll send it over.

  • What do I do if I accidentally signed up for more than one subscription?

    Contact our customer service team who would be happy to look into your account for you. A refund will be given when needed. Email us at

  • I want to purchase a gift for a special someone. How does this work?

    Books make awesome gifts! If you would like to purchase a subscription as a gift, simply click the “shop” link located at the top of our website and choose which subscription you would like to gift. When you are in the cart, tick the box that says "This is a gift" and choose if you would like the gift to auto-renew or not. We do not currently offer custom gift messaging that will be shipped with the box but you can reference the Question “Can I add a special note to my box?” for ideas on how to personalize.

  • I want to change my subscription to a different box type.

    If you have decided part ways through your Lillypost subscription to change your box type, please note that these changes will not be made until you subscription renews. If you would like to go ahead and change the type of subscription you are receiving prior to renewal, please contact customer service for assistance. Customer service will have to cancel your current subscription and refund you for the remaining months on your subscription. Once this had been done, you will be able to re-subscribe with the new box type you would like.


  • When will I be billed for my Lillypost subscription?

    If this is your first time signing up for Lillypost, you will be billed immediately upon your first purchase for the total amount you have selected. Your subscription will renew on the 28th of the next cycle if you do not cancel.

  • How does renewal work?

    You will be charged immediately upon signing up for a Lillypost subscription box cycle. Once the subscription cycle you have chosen is over, you will continue to be re-billed for the same cycle unless you change your subscription or cancel the service. If you choose "this is a gift" and "do not renew" at checkout, your subscription will not be renewed and your card will not be charged again.

    - Month-to-month plans: You will be charged for one month, unless you have changed your plan.
    - 3-Month plans: After you receive three Lillypost Boxes, you will be automatically renewed for another three months.
    - 6-Month plans: After you receive six Lillypost Boxes, you will be automatically renewed for another six months.

  • Am I able to skip a month without losing my subscription?

    You are not able to skip a month. However, you are able to skip your next renewal under your profile.

  • I can’t remember my login details for my account. What do I do?

    Oops! Give our customer service team a shout and they will be able to get you back in right away! Call us at 905.680.7049 or email us at


  • Which countries do you ship to?

    Currently we only ship to the United States and Canada.

  • When will my Lillypost box be shipped?

    All orders are shipped out by the 20th of each month. If the 20th falls on a weekend, the box will be shipped out on the following Monday.

  • How long will it take for my Lillypost order to arrive?

    The following estimated delivery time frame below begins 1 business day after your order has shipped from our warehouse: Expected delivery times to the USA and Canada are 5-15 business days.

  • How do I track my order?

    Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email that will have all the tracking information you need. This number can also be found in your profile information on our website.

  • My tracking number isn’t updating. What do does this mean?

    The tracking information will be updated 24-48 hours after you receive notification that it has shipped. If the time period passes and an update is still not available, please contact customer service at or call 905.680.7049 with your order ID so we can assist you.

  • I didn’t receive a shipping confirmation email for my subscription. What do I do?

    Sorry about that! Shoot us a quick email with your order ID as well as the email address that is linked with your Lillypost account and we can send it your way.

  • I didn’t receive my box!

    Oh no! We are so sorry. Please contact customer service so we can verify that your address is correct and take any action needed to get you your box!

  • How do I change/update my shipping address?

    Log in to your Lillypost account and edit your information under your profile. Please note that your shipping address must be updated before the 15th of the month in order for the package to go to that new location. If you require assistance updating your shipping address, please contact us!


  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Sorry to see you go! Simply log in to your account, click EDIT under SUBSCRIPTIONS and click CANCEL subscription. When you cancel your subscription, you will not automatically receive a refund and you will continue to receive the rest of the shipments left on your account. When you cancel your subscription, you are just letting us know you do not want it to renew. PLEASE NOTE: If you have any months remaining that you do not want, please call or email us to cancel future shipments and provide a refund on any remaining boxes. Do you have more questions? Please contact us at

  • What is the last day I can cancel before I get billed again?

    You must cancel before the 28th of the month if you do not want your subscription to renew.

  • How do I sign up again after having previously cancelled?

    Simply visit the Lillypost website and place another order. You can then choose your subscription duration and begin again.


  • For all inquiries, please send an email to If you are a Blogger, YouTuber or Instagrammer, please include your full name as well as links to all your social channels and your reason for contacting us. If you are press or media, please include your business' information as well as your reason for contact. Thanks!